søndag, oktober 19, 2008

Back "home" in Wales

.... after a week in Sheffield, Leamington and Plymouth. If some of you are wondering, what the hell I am doing in England (Wales is NOT England yeah yeah yeah =)) : I visited all the other plants to collect some data for my thesis.

First Sheffield on Monday/Tuesday: I was quite surprised about the lovely surroundings of this former capital of steel! A huge shopping mile instead of old steel factories was what I got to see! They told me that the steel age ended aprox. 20 years ago and then they knocked the whole area down to build retail parks and shops and so on ...

Leamington SPA: a little town (für die Deutschen: sieht aus wie Baden-Baden! Viele kleine Villen und Alleen und offensichtlich viele reiche Leute) in-beween the woods of Robin Hood - LOVELY !!!
My boss took me out for dinner and then arround the place the whole night to show me all the castles, forts, little streets and all other tourist attractions you can remember .... AT NIGHT! Obviously he wanted to make sure that I have seen everything before leaving the other day ... crazy people ...

Plymouth: WOW !!! Such a beautiful place !!! Situated next to the sea with a lovely marina, a stunning view along the coastline onto the open sea (again, it was almost night when I got there - but at least I catched the evening sky (Abendstimmung) this time) and a really fancy hotel, they put me in. I can tell you, it is SO FUNNY observing businessmen at breakfast :o) everyone acts different and still they all act the same ... They feel so important and want to show off - a kind of courtship behaviour I think (ne Art Balzverhalten) - everybody wants to look most important, but when they're finally sitting on their table, you soon realise that they are nothing but lonely ... [also hier mal kurz auf Deutsch: die busy Businessmen laufen immer wie Gockels am Buffet auf und ab und versuchen am wichtigsten von allen auszusehen. Das ist sooo lustig mit anzuschauen! Und dann sitzen sie am Tisch und du siehst in ihren Gesichtern, dass sie sich wünschten, ihre Gattin würde ihnen jetzt den Kaffee bringen]

The weekend I spent in Cornwall, visiting an outdoor exhibition called "The Eden Project" www.edenproject.com which was really fun, then I drove down the coast and up along the northcoast of Cornwall again, visited some lovely villages, slept in my tent and came back here today. (Rosamunde Pilcher habe ich übrigens nicht getroffen =))

Fotos kommen !!!

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